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About SaudeTotal and Russian brides

Eastern European dating remains the most popular worldwide. It’s understood, since Russian brides all look like top model yet being modest and non-demanding. Are they interested in westerners?
Yes, today they are open-minded enough to consider international dating and marriage seriously. There are no more boundaries and wrong standards for them, they do have broad horizons.

Beautiful Russian women aren’t desperate to escape from their country, their economy is more stable now and girls are able to travel independently as students, freelancers, journalists.
But what they keenly need, is a special man to love and cherish him. There is a saying about a big Russian soul, and it’s really so. Foreign men deserve their love more, thanks to their culture and attitude.

Thousands of success stories are an evidence of perfect compatibility of Russian brides and western men. It’s really a great solution for someone who is tired of feminism and consumerism.
Women in Russia, like heroines of fairy tales, still keep the values of previous generations: care, respect, thorough housekeeping, smart budget saving, loyalty, and commitment to satisfy their partner.

Top sites and apps with Russian brides


Myrussianmatch.com is a helpful and easy-to-use dating sites with a big choice of hot, serious-minded girls from Russia. Their profiles are verified, and one can be sure they are all real.
The most amazing Eastern European beauties are longing for a true man’s touch. Find these gorgeous and trustworthy women today, to start chatting and learning about them.



Bride-Ukraine.com is a qualitive platform for Ukrainian dating. Experts consider it the best source of hot girls from Eastern Europe who are the wife material. They do have great values!
Women from Ukraine are known as exotic beauties who are always cheerful yet hard-working and extremely caring. Who wouldn’t want such a combination in his life? So join and try.



Behappy2day.com is a wonderful, well-organized site with many thousands of beautiful reliable women in its database. A perfect match from Russia and Ukraine can be found quickly.
Russian women aren’t just trophy wives, they are real helpers to their partners or husbands in everyday activities. Best lovers and best friends in one person, they impress and amaze.


The portal of Russian brides and its advice on relationships

Dating in Russia has never been easier than today, in the age of technologies and low-cost airplane flights. But how to remain in a girl’s heart if she came from another culture and environment?
It’s true that beautiful and sexy Russian women are ones of the most educated in a modern world. Standards of education were very high in USSR, and the tendency is still being kept.

You can surely impress a Russian girl with quoting some interesting books or at least mentioning them. Western people do not read much anymore, but each woman in Russia has a big library.
Another key to success is warmth. Some Eastern European women are still afraid men from other parts of the world are emotionally colder. You can erase those fears by your caring attitude.
It’s natural that Russian and Ukrainian girls would get homesick at times. Knowing that and the cost of tickets, some western men don’t want to bring them to their country. But it’s not that critical.

relationship with Russian girls

For many Russian women, Skype and Viber are sufficient for communicating with their folks. Don’t forget they can also work hard themselves and earn on tickets for visiting.
The main thing one should remember, is that compromising is normal for a relationship and Russian girls are diplomatic enough to quickly reach agreements in any doubtful issues.

How do I marry a Russian bride?

There are beautiful wedding traditions in Russia and Ukraine. But to reach that happy moment, a couple needs to go through a certain bureaucracy and formalities. A fiancée visa is one of the ways.
Since laws and rules are changing from time to time, it’s better to ask about the process in Russian or Ukrainian Embassy. If one has some spare time, it can be easier to marry in Russia first.

Weddings are the most interesting in the west of Ukraine, so the celebration can be combined with the honeymoon in picturesque Carpathian Mountains. Russian women love to visit them too.
Ethnic animators can be invited for the little money, and a girl usually knows some traditional jokes and dances by herself. The wedding table is always long with dozens of festive dishes on it.

One cannot try as tasty meals as Carpathian main course and snacks, anywhere on Earth. If you celebrate in a Moscow restaurant, it will be mostly the alcohol and boring dishes so think twice!
The wedding dress is a must. It should be white and lacy if in big cities, or ethnic and bright if in the Carpathian village. Slavic women love nice memories and photos, so it cannot be skipped.

Questions and answers

How do I propose to a Russian girl?
They’re all Cinderellas in their soul and hope for the most romantic proposal.

How long should we date before getting married?
There are no patterns, it can be quick and spontaneous or postponed for months and years.

Does each Russian girl want a wealthy wedding?
Many women accept the idea of the small modest ceremony.

Do I invite all her relatives?
Modern Russian and Ukrainian girls don’t come from big families.

Do some still believe in first sex after wedding?
Only Armenian, Georgian, severely religious girls in Russia do.

How do I know she isn’t after the Green Card?
Just analyze her glances, words, messages, background. Many are genuine.

Do we need her parents’ blessing?
Russian families aren’t too old-fashioned, but better keep the relationship nice.

Do girls expect a fancy honeymoon?
Many hope for a special trip, but accept short local trips too.

What are good first date questions?

• Why are you searching for a foreign husband?
• What are top qualities you like in a man?
• Where have you been travelling to?
• Which exotic and unusual dishes can you cook?
• Are you a very passionate type?
• What are your strongest skills?
• Are you a compromising person?
• Are you a spender or a saver by nature?
• Do you usually go well with your man’s friends?
• What are some of your aims and aspirations?

What are good questions to ask your future wife from Russia?

• Will we keep chemistry strong through the time?
• What is your perfect plan of our first five years together?
• Which duties would you like to share and which not?
• What is the most romantic thing you remember about me?
• Where would you like to live in our retired years?
• What kind of surprises do you like to make and receive?
• What role will our family members play in our life?
• How would you make everyday routine brighter?
• What can’t you live without except me?
• What is the craziest thing you want to do together?

Russian girl want a wealthy wedding

How to treat your Russian bride

Russian and Ukrainian women surely differ from western ones. They are easier to maintain, but much more old-fashioned and it gets so obvious when you court them or live with them.
They’re more physical. It’s essential for them to hold hands, to exchange a light kiss between home duties or outdoor activities, to hug without a reason, to massage each other.

They’re more tender. Do not be surprised if they ask you often how your day is going, text you frequently, do not let you leave the bed when you’re in hurry. They’re just very much in love.
They’re more resourceful. If a western woman thinks only in the direction of her official diploma, a Russian girl thinks creatively and tries to create little businesses on everything.

They’re more hospitable. People on the west invite guests only in advance and by a certain schedule, while a Russian woman wants to welcome each family or couple you communicate with.
They’re more sensitive. They have a very wide range of emotions and easily cry while watching a romantic or sad movie, they volunteer for homeless humans and animals. It’s a big Russian soul!

How to treat your Russian bride

How does a Russian bride differ from other Eastern European?

Russia, as a country, has its pros and cons but they all affect Russian women’s character and attitude. It’s not like any other place because it claims to be a great empire yet people live poorly there.
Thanks to these harsh conditions, a Russian girl grows very strong, flexible, rational, independent, she manages to look like a beauty queen having only a few coins in her pocket.

It’s cold in Russia, much colder than in Ukraine. Thanks to that, Russian women have a good immunity, know how to cook very nourishing food, they save energy like professional sportsmen.
Extremely uncertain political and economical situation makes them restless in a good way, they remain ambitious even if they reached a previous goal already. Yet, they’re best homekeepers.

Russia is patriarchal, and the concept of a lifetime family is firmly rooted in women’s minds. They’ll compromise, tolerate, negotiate, do anything in order to keep relationship going.
Words about staying together through the thick and thin are only words, but not in Russia. A difficult financial period or the husband’s health problems aren’t reasons for them to breakup.

Russian bride differ from other

Success stories from real couples

“I met Tyler when I was 24, but we spent one year on organizing things and making papers”, Maria says. “Eventually, we got a fiancée visa, and arranged a small modest wedding.
To that moment, our budget was minimal, but once I moved to the US I started to work as a makeup artist. Bit by bit, we made our funds raise and only then decided to have children.
We aren’t travelling much, but I can say it’s the best life I could imagine. We are doing sports all together, I am watching my kids without any nannies, and all seems so right. I am happy”.

“When we first met with John, we both had breakups recently, so our communication wasn’t smooth at the beginning”, Lora shares. “After a few months, we finally sensed we are the soul mates.
We both have put a lot of efforts into travelling to each other and then bringing me to the UK. But we succeeded, and I don’t have any regrets. We really love each other and have our life ahead”.

success couples with russian women

“My friends used to say I am too young for Denis, he was 30 years older”, Olga tells. “But it never stopped us, and my mother understood it’s true love, she was welcoming Denis from the start.
We went through many things together, from long flights to gathering documents, but we would repeat it again if needed, so happy we are now. We consult other couples that only start their way”.