Are hookups replacing romantic relationships in a today culture

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If we look around, we’ll see all our acquaintances and friends changing partners very often. For this reason, some of them even prefer to have a stable hookup just for sex and nothing more.

It may sound like dating but even stable hookups do not involve any responsibilities or emotional attachment. It makes a big difference and it can be called a sign of modern times.

But this lifestyle is not forever. By European and western standards, hookuping until 30-35 years old or even older is completely normal, since the career is not established enough for a family.

Most of people are trying to build a family or romance after 40 though. It’s the age when we appreciate someone taking care of us and waiting for us at home to make it cosier together.

For travelling, mature people still prefer hookups though. It’s more fun to have sex with the local and discover the new country mentality through that than to bring a spouse with you.

That’s why hookup apps are more popular than dating platforms, in average. Experts call it a tendency of the 21st century and it will last.