Evidence that a man is ready to get married

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Psychologists say that no man would agree to get married, until he gets his own inner conviction of the necessity of this step. There are several factors that are typical for most cases where men get a desire to engage in this holy union.

Sooner or later, men get a desire to abandon the single life. A man can make this important decision, if he feels tired of being unsettled. Men are only temporarily seduced by the kaleidoscope of women’s faces, frequent partying with friends, mess in the apartment, wrinkled shirts, pre-made dumpling for dinner and omelets for breakfast. The absolute majority of single men, even the most hardened ones, come to a moment when they are fed up of their freedom and permissiveness. Some, of course, are kept for a long time in the fear of losing their precious freedom devoid of all obligations. But over time in their hearts appears a spark of dreams, about hot soup for lunch, whispers of a gentle, caring woman alongside and a cozy hearth, where they are always loved and welcome.

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If a man has already succeeded professionally and gained financial independence, he can take a chance to take responsibility for the family. A real man could not bear the idea of simply bringing his wife to the parental home, and extorting money from his elder parents for concerts, gathering, theater or a holiday trip. A mature conscious man takes seriously and with responsibly the words “take you as a wife”. It is very important for him to feel capable of protecting his wife and future offspring, at least, from the financial problems.

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If a man feels diminished by his friends’ children, young nephews or younger sisters and brothers, then this is clear evidence that he is ready to start a family. When a man has thoughts about how good a friend he could be to his son, how great it would be to play football with him, how they could discuss girls together or go to trips; the moment he begins to think that he could become a good magician and a real knight for his little girl, it is clear that the idea of ​​marriage has already visited his wise head more than once. If his new habit is to pat kids on the head, then it probably indicates that he’s really ready for marital ties.

It should be noted that all of the above applies to mature men and not to emotionally immature boys. Such signs are proper to accomplished men which already had a bad experience in marriage, and tried for a long time to protect themselves from making the same mistakes. But if an avid bachelor at 45 has never been married then the idea of ​​marriage is unlikely to visit his head at all.