Former Soviet Union Girl Myths

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FSU Girl Preconceptions

Different nations always have myths about each other. People tell stories which they were told by their friends, have read in the Internet or even have lived through by themselves. Sure you have heard a couple of preconceptions about FSU and Russian brides. If you have decided to marry a nice Former Soviet Union woman you should know more about her country and be able to tell between preconceptions and truth.

Some Western males beware of looking for a Russian woman ’cause they have heard that to find a Russian lady is a very hard, costly and rarely effective trial. Well, it’s not easy, but it’s a very simple and not complicated procedure. What a man has to do is to go online and begin sending email letters, maybe start telephone calling later on, after that go to see her in person, maybe later go back for another trip to be sure, make a decision upon the wedding and begin filling out the basic paperwork required for your Former Soviet Union girl to obtain a visa. Actually some men can find their future fiancees on their first trip to Former Soviet Union, but for rest it will take several trips. It will cost you 2 or 3 hundred dollars for a trip but as well you can spend up to $10, 000. It’s up to you.

The very widespread preconception is that Former Soviet Union brides need just a way out of their country. The reality is that many Russian girls would be fortunate to meet a decent and caring guy in the FSU. However, for some of them this is just impossible, because of different reasons. There is a big alcohol difficulty, especially among the men. Besides, due to the relatively poor economy a lot of males can’t find decent jobs. Consequently, many don’t even see the point in starting a family, because they are afraid they would not be able to take care of it. Of course, alcoholism plus financial frustration can lead to domestic violence and abuse. Maybe this is not a common occurrence, but one can see it really often. The ladies are searching for a real family and caring partner, not the ticket out.

One of the myths is that who publish their profiles on the sites of marriage agencies are sluts. Some Russian marriage agencies still take the phrase “mail order bride” and so it is easy to assume that Former Soviet Union women are for disposal, and somebody may connect that notion with whoredom. With so many pretty girls willing to meet you, jazz actually comes to the head. You can’t buy those women; and you surely can’t buy their bodies. FSU girls value themselves highly actually as do women all around the world. Some of them may choose a more sexual way of life, but the great part want to find a sweetheart and sexual life come naturally.

It’s told and written that FSU women require high expenses. The meaning is that if they are so attractive and always presentable, they need many hours to prepare themselves to go out and require only the best in cosmetics. Yes it is true that Former Soviet Union brides put much attention to their appearance and they do need some time to look their best but they’re not crazy about it. Also this depends on a person. Some women can go the store without makeup while other would not do it. Discuss it with her, get to know her, and see if her quirks will adjust with yours.

One more myth is that FSU girls prefer elder men and a 20 years age difference does not play a great role. That’s false. This preconception is advantageous for Former Soviet Union dating services. Sure, they want each man to consider that he has a good chance with any woman on their service. Of course most Former Soviet Union and actually majority Western girls do prefer a man who is a little bit older. Nevertheless, most of them will be able to take up a 10 year gap, possibly a 15 year age difference in rare circumstances. The bigger age gap will lead to possible family problems later.

The perfect road to learn truths about preconceptions and plates is to ask your girlfriend. But be kind and frank. Be polite with your asking so you don’t seem too skeptical. Different cultures yield many differences but you will surely be surprised about how much you and your FSU woman have in common. An outspokenness is surely needed for the good international dating so don’t let usual preconceptions about girls obstruct you from finding your perfect Russian women.