How to Make Russian Women Interested in You?

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Very often western men ask the same question at the dating sites they are registered ‘how to ensure Russian woman gets interested in me?’
Most of the contacts start with the initial letter on Russian dating on-line sites. That is why men feel the first letter is extremely important as there is no second chance to create the first impression. It is really so. However, many men fail with the initial letter as they fail to think. Many of men start following patterns, some are lazy, some lack creativity, etc. many on-line agencies provide you with great samples of the initial letters and give you the tips. It is great to read them and learn new things, but never follow them. Why? Imagine how many men will also use the same ideas or patterns! You risk sounding banal, boring and what is even worse the lady will receive one and the same letter from a dozen of men. What she will think then? This is not what your intentions are, right?

It is very important to share the information about your height, weight, education, previous marriages, profession, religion, children, etc. However, what really matters much is how you tell this. The main thing is that your Russian lady would smile during your entire letter getting to know you. Her impression will be great and she will hardly forget about you in the dozens of letters, sent by other men. You letter must have feelings, be funny, interactive and interesting.

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Not everyone is born to be a writer, but everyone can tell funny stories and add jokes in your letters to a Russian lady if the information is too serious, try to mix it with positive and funny tones. Always provide correct information about yourself and your life, but make it entertaining, interesting to read!
And remember every woman likes to feel special, so comment on her photos and give sincere compliments!