Troubles of the Russian bride in the “Paradise”.

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One of the biggest and scariest things while communicating online lies in the fact that it is very easy to fall in love with someone, and unfortunately sometimes it is not worthy at all. Love comes and goes away in the Cyber world very easily, as during a very small amount of time, people are able to live an entire “life” with each other, they get to go through a lot of adventures. But the truth is that all the lonely women who registered their profiles online, do not really need all the romantics and the adventures, they need a stable and happy family life, which would be based if not on love than on respect and on lack of worries about the day of tomorrow.

Lena is writing that at some point she became very angry after another “adventure” online. She wrote: “I don’t know how many people I wrote to,  and how many times I was suffering, I kept talking in English on the phone with someone who spoke English even worse than me. And nothing was happening!!! Again, same as in life, i was choosing the wrong men. And I was immediately remembering all the normal guys with whom I had corresponding, normal guys who were proposing me about six- seven years ago, and whom I refused. Why I always get some freaks? That is how one day I entered into a regular depression. And of course I was realizing that I have to get out of my depression, the sooner, the better.

I was depressed with the fact that I was getting interested in adventures on the Internet and wasted a lot of time and money on it. This is a minus, but there was a plus also. At the beginning I was writing very slowly, and all the time kept staring into the dictionary, though ten years ago, I graduated from English high school. I have never thought in English, my usual story was: thinking in Russian and slowly translating it into English, now I can switch, if I write letters I think in English language. I began easily communicating in a foreign language.

By thinking this way, one day I realized that there certainly is a need to continue the correspondence, anyway it will not harm me until i will not let that happen, and it is much cheaper than the lessons with the teacher of the English language, and another advantage is the ability to choose the convenient time for myself (why not, maybe one day I will also be able to find the love of my life by means of internet). I perfectly realized only one thing, that i will not allow any virtual passions in the coming years.

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I made my profile on the dating agency visible again, and began searching for the right option. I didn’t have too high expectations; I simply was looking for friends to correspond with. So i wrote a lot of messages to different men, and only a few days later i began getting my first replies.

And a week later i deleted my profile, not because i fell in love virtually again, but because i met Thomas- the man of my dreams on a personal meeting. He was a programmer, who worked in the affiliate of British company in Moscow, the funny thing is that i liked him as soon as I saw him, we met in the winter time and he looked so frozen to me, but at the same time he was so sincere. At some point after all of my bad and sad “adventures” i got so disappointed in men, especially foreigners that i stopped thinking i could ever find the man of my dreams, and now i realize that it is not that impossible it is simply important to try more and never give up.